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Glowing holiday skin with Clarisonic

 If you’ve been wanting to experience a little of our “French Touch” facial experience at home, this is the time to incorporate the CLARISONIC Ultrasonic Cleanse in your regimen, with
 Why not shop local, receive the same discount as large retailers, and get A French Touch Salon VIP Bonus Points ( not to mention sipping on our popular Green Tea on the balcony, while relaxing to spa music in our gracious reception area)..
If you’ve been into A French Touch lately, I know you’ve heard all about the fabulous cleansing technology in our Clarisonic Brushes (or better yet, experienced it in one of my facials).  Offering 6x more cleansing than with hands alone, I begin your treatments in the salon with Clarisonic brush cleansing to ensure a deep cleanse, removing all makeup, dirt, sunscreen, oil and debris to allow for deeper product absorption during your facial. This is the same reason I recommend it for your nightly home-care. Partnering with my clients in their home-care regimens means getting the most out of the professional grade products from SOTHYS and JAN MARINI SKIN RESEARCH that I recommend, by prepping the skin with a deep-pore cleansing to allow better product penetration from your serums and creams. The Clarisonic brush is a great way to tailor your skin care routine directly to your skin type and your skin care needs.  All 4 of these brushes produce visible positive results (more luminous, cleaner skin), and choosing the one that’s right for you is important.  So, which of our four Clarisonic Brushes is best for your skin type?  Read more about the best choice for your skin type, below.

MIA 1 ~ Regular $129, Black Friday $103


mia firstThe Mia 1 is perfect for normal skin types. The Mia 1 Brush is the simplest option for you, with one speed and changeable brush head options suited to your specific skincare needs.  This is a great starter brush for young teens to help them get into a healthy skin routine early on. It is covered with a 1-year factory warranty and normally sells for $129. This Friday, you can bring this charming little device home for  $90. Sensitive skin your concern? May I recommend, then.. 




Offered this holiday season as a Gift Set for only $169 (you save $52), The Mia 2 is a more advanced version of the Mia that uses the same amazing Clarisonic ultrasonic technology, but includes two different speed options for a gentler clean.  This brush is recommended for Normal, Dry, Sensitive, or Aging skin, and also comes with the customizable brush head option, so you can be sure to select the perfect clean for you skin care needs. And remember that you are covered with a 2-year factory warranty with the Mia 2.

* Black Friday Sale not applicable to already-discounted Gift Set

ariaThe Aria is the most versatile  Clarisonic Brush, because it works beautifully with all skin types and comes with not one, not two, but three different speeds for a delicate, a universal, or a deep cleanse (for the ultimate, customized deep-pore cleanse).  Depending on your skin type–whether you have sensitive skin or stubborn acne–we come up with the best cleansing routine and pair it with one of Clarisonic’s Brush heads to guarantee healthy, glowing skin. The Aria is covered with a 3-year factory warranty. Regularly $219, take it home for only $153!

And the darling of the bunch for those who travel or want a more compact version:

MIA FIT – regular $219, Black Friday $175


Why we love it:

  • New compact, lightweight design
  • 2 settings – Delicate and Power Cleanse
  • Waterproof and free-standing design
  • Includes Radiance Brush Head

The Mia FIT can hold the longest charge out of all the Clarisonic brushes and takes the least amount of space on your counter.  For sensitive skin,  the Mia FIT is recommended with it’s new RADIANCE brush head with twice as many bristles for a gentle but thorough ultrasonic cleanse. It has a Delicate setting which allows twice a day cleansing without aggressing  the skin.

This palm-sized wonder is TSA approved and fantastic for traveling.

Make this must-have skincare accessory a part of your regimen today,  your skin will thank you ~

See you this Friday!


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Clarisonic’s Brushes are easy to use, easy to clean, and even easier to fall in love with.  Stop by and experience the Aria in one of our facials, or talk to Patricia or Juliet to get an expert recommendation.  À bientôt!



Fall Program for Beautiful Skin


Bonjour mes amis,

Fall peel season is here! This is the ideal time to revitalize your skin from damage incurred during the harsh summer months. Sun damage causes 99.5% of aging due to UV rays and harmful chemicals that put your skin through wear and tear. Luckily, it doesn’t have to take long to reverse these damages and see visible results in areas you’d like to see it most – just in time for your holiday parties!

GLYCOLIC PEELS are the most effective treatment for sun-damaged skin because they deeply exfoliate to create resurfaced, radiant skin and strip photo damage caused by the sun. Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane, which loosens the cellular debris layer and exfoliates your skin. It not only allows your products to absorb into your skin more efficiently, but also eliminates abnormal cells that can eventually lead to skin cancers. It’s a great way to bring your skin back to life from those dry, summer months!

Need A French Touch? We offer the Jan Marini Glycolic Acid Peel series. This series includes three peels over three weeks. This treatment creates softer, more refined skin without any downtime, redness, or flaking.

Take advantage of our autumn peel promotional packages that incorporate the most affective treatments and home care to achieve the targeted results you are seeking for your skin.

So let’s cut to the chase — why peels? The reason peels rank among the top aesthetic procedure performed is that they are a simple,  affordable and effective method of  addressing  big concerns like sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, clogged or enlarged pores, acne, and hyperpigmentation.

We offer our peels as individual services, but strongly recommend a Peel Series because they offer progressively deeper exfoliation, resulting in more visible results that include better product absorption of your skincare line- the most important part of your skin maintenance plan for the long-term.

Peel series of either 3 peels over 3 weeks or 3 more intensive salicylic peels (REFINED PEEL SERIES) over 3 months, both offered at A French Touch Salon, also have the benefit of little to no downtime along with the beautiful results. Not only will you visibly see the difference following a single peel, but the collagen stimulation activity in the dermis provides long-term anti-aging benefits.

We also strongly encourage the implementation or continuation of a healthy beauty routine (every morning and especially every night, when the skin is resting and better able to incorporate active ingredients) to enhance the results of your peels.  Resurfacing your skin with a peel will make your skin care products penetrate more deeply and work harder for your skin, which will make you look and feel better and help to maintain the effects of your salon treatments.  We recommend the JAN MARINI SKIN CARE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for daily care, and our  Skin Zyme  Green Papaya Mask  to be applied once or twice once or twice per week to increase radiance and skin health, instead of harsher exfoliating scrubs.  Our Clean Zyme Green Papaya Cleanser and Skin Zyme Mask duo offer measurable improvement in skin texture, clarity and firmness  when used with the Skin Care Management System.

The key, however, is to be sure that you’re selecting the right type of peel and level of intensity for your specific skin care needs.  We offer three different types of peel series at A French Touch Salon.

facial treatmentThe Glycolic Acid Peel (20% and 40% option)

This is our gentlest peel series (perfect for  those with sensitive skin or rosacea  who seek an introduction to peels), which combines glycolic acid and proteolytic enzymes from green papayas to digest cellular debris and build-up and refresh your skin. The term ‘proteolytic’ refers to an enzymatic action–delivered through our calming, aromatic Skin Zyme Mask–that selectively digests dead or diseased protein material  while leaving living healthy cells intact. Unlike abrasive scrubs or other mechanical methods, this peel is gentle enough for all skin types but effective enough to yield noticeable results after three treatments.  This series has little to no downtime, and should be completed within three weeks for best results.

The Luminate or Retinol Peel Series

This peel is  more intense than the Enzyme peel, as it combines the power of glycolic acid (lifts and dissolves the layers of dead skin cells and congestion in the pores to reveal healthy, glowing skin) and the power of Retinol (from Jan Marini’s Retinol Plus Mask) to treat fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne, and other visible signs of aging.  These two key ingredients work beautifully together, because as the glycolic treatment clears the debris away from healthy skin cells and pores, the 1% Retinol is able to penetrate more deeply and stimulate collagen synthesis, cell strength, and evenness of skin tone and texture (read: bye bye wrinkles and dark spots, when paired with our Retinol Plus Cream or Luminate Lightening Lotion at home!).  This series also has very little downtime, and should be completed within three weeks to capture the best results.

The Refine Salicylic Peel Series

The Refine Peel Series is our most intensive treatment, but provides the most notable results in combating fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and pigmentation issues to reveal a noticeably firmer, brighter, softer and more supple you.  The combination of Lactic, Salicylic, and Citric acids, revitalize and refresh by resurfacing the skin. We apply a strong anti-aging cocktail of retinol and  anti-aging peptides to your freshly awakened skin, combined with Green Tea Extract and other calming agents whose anti-inflammatory action soothes.  The intensity of this peel requires that treatments be performed once per month, rather than per week, and may cause some flaking for three to five days after the procedure.  However, the “apres-peel” period still has far less peeling and downtime than more aggressive and expensive chemical peels, while offering comparable results.

Lovely SmilePeels are the best way to ensure that your skin is clean and healthy so that your skin care products can penetrate more deeply into the skin and yield quicker and more visible results.  Selecting a peel series that is the right strength and intensity for you is key, along with a solid home care regimen, so that you are getting the custom results you need for your skin concerns.

If you are interested in our peels, or if you just want to talk to Patricia about what type of peel would be best for your skin, call, stop by, or make an appointment.


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And along with it, our not-to-be-missed SPECIALS…with
Any Peel Series receive 20% OFF
our recommended home care to achieve your most beautiful results.
Schedule a 15 minute consultation to select the right package for you.

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SOTHYS Micellar Cleansing Water at A French Touch Salon

Sothys Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar water is rapidly becoming the next big thing in skin care. SOTHYS, a dermatologist recommended French skincare line, offers their perfected all-in-one makeup remover and cleanser, and is sold exclusively at A French Touch Salon. Not only do we offer the finest in skincare products and services but we also take pride in educating customers on the latest in beauty and skin care tips.

SOTHYS Micellar water, a 2-in-1 cleanser with micellea and lotus extracts, combines the action of makeup removing and cleansing using small oil molecule balls specific to attracting dirt and oil, leaving facial skin rid of impurities.  No need to rinse or tone! Ideal for all skin types.

The uniqueness of this cleanser is it doesn’t strip your skin of its necessary beneficial oils or leave behind any harsh chemicals, making it exceptionally ideal for sensitive skin. By applying SOTHYS Micellar water with a cotton pad, you are guaranteed soft, unharmed skin…talk about the French Touch!

We all know, water is a precious commodity so, the added benefit of using SOTHYS Micellar water, you’re saving water! You don’t have to run your faucet continually when cleansing.

Come into A French Touch Salon to experience this popular European, all-in-one cleanser by SOTHYS. Feel what clean and clear skin feels like – the French way.


What are the right steps for your morning skincare routine?

morning skincare routine

morning routine

Owner of A French Touch Salon, Patricia Kaspian, gives us those steps and the short version.

Those of us living or working on the central coast, we all know about the microclimates, from the dry, tough heat up in Paso Robles to the foggy, cool days in Morro Bay. And of course, add in the environmental hazards such as the recent fires and our skin is screaming for attention. What can we do for our skin, to start the day off right? I sat down with a French touch salon’s owner and skincare expert, Patricia Kaspian to find out what we should be doing for our morning skincare routine. I have to admit I’m not good when it comes to a routine with many steps; i mean who has that kind of time these days but then, the alternative is damaged and prematurely aging skin and who seriously wants to look old before their time?! Exactly! We’re on the same page.

Hi Patricia! I know you have a very busy schedule so let’s get to it…please educate us on what we need to do for our morning skincare routine.

Patricia: Your morning routine is to begin with a freshening cleanse so it responds well to the products that you’ll be using. These are the steps i highly recommend…

  1. A milk cleanser…it won’t strip the skin.
  2. Toner…a very important part of your routine! It removes every last bit of dirt or what the cleanse doesn’t get. It prepares your skin for better absorption of the products that will follow.
  3. Then your eyes…a very delicate area. Use a multi-action eye contour cream or serum that penetrates well into this delicate tissue to address concerns like fine lines, puffiness ir dark circles.
  4. This next step is critical and not many women know about it…add a professional vitamin c (over the counter versions fall sadly short of what a spa or medical line such as Jan Marini can provide in terms of results).a daily vitamin which is a free radical scavenger. For the whole day, it builds the skin’s defenses against any environmental aggressions.
  5. If you’re applying the Jan Marini skincare regimen, cleansing and vitamin c (above) are followed with an exfoliating glycolic acid bio-clear cream to stimulate cell turnover to keep your skin glowing.
  6. Customized serum and moisturizer is next to create that nourishing, moisturizing barrier which delivers more peptides & anti-oxidants. And, a good moisturizer will make the skin supple and less prone to wrinkles over time.
  7. Don’t forget about your neck cream!! We have Jan Marini’s Juveneck. Please don’t stop at the face. Take it downtown ladies and nourish that décolletage.
  8. Lastly, the finisher, is the sunscreen…whether it is Sothys SPF 30 (face & body), the anti-oxidant SPF 30 from Jan Marini or the all-in-one, make-up & SPF 50 mineral sunscreen by Colorescience…we have many powerful protective options that fit your taste and lifestyle. But remember…sunscreens last only 80-90 minutes a day so you must reapply! Even if you’re driving.

What do people need to know about most face washes? If there is soap in the wash, do they not tend to strip our skin?

Patricia: Yes, they do, compromising the delicate acid mantle of the skin.  I recommend using a purifying foam gel for oily skin, for dry or sensitive skins use a milk cleanser. I’d suggest using the bioglycolic cleanser which dissolves more dead cells and debris, getting rid of the flakiness and dryness so then, you’re left with skin primed and ready for better absorption.

Most people have a lifestyle, and patience, that can only handle a few steps in the morning. What steps would you say are a priority if someone just can’t or won’t take the necessary time in the morning to care for their skin?

Patricia: First, micellar waters are very big right now. They’ve been popular in Europe for years and we’re loving this easy peazy option because, they thoroughly clean and tone the skin and double as an eye makeup remover. Micellar water by Sothys is a great choice and perfect for all skin types. They can’t be beat for gym workouts and travel kits. Next, the vitamin c…it’s critical. It’s a step that you can’t afford to miss. Followed by your sunscreen. An anti-oxidant sunscreen which is actually hydrating. That could be the shortened version of taking care of and protecting your skin for the day. However, for those of you that have dry skin…you have to add a hydrating step with a serum or cream moisturizer.

Ok, people. Those are the steps for you to follow. Whether you do them all or can’t make the time and do the short version…starting your day off right by protecting and hydrating your skin will keep you looking fresh and youthful. You can come in the salon and find everything you need to follow these steps…one stop shop and Patricia would be more than happy to help you and answer any questions you might have. Patricia has high ratings and a following for a reason! Better yet, book online and get the full “French touch” experience! Au revoir!


COLORESCIENCE beauty and protection

Screenshot 2016-08-04 21.46.36

We’re pretty blessed to live in a region that has such diverse micro-climates. Whether you’re gardening, walking your dog, riding bikes or spending the day at the beach is your skin protected during your outdoor activities? Are you protected from sweat or swimming? Are you using the best sunscreen? Look I get it… With multitasking and all the running around we do, reapplying slow absorbing, heavy sunscreens on top of our makeup can be a pain let alone a mess.


You need to protect your skin and often…every 80 minutes at a minimum! And, the summer isn’t the only time you’re at risk for sun damage. UV (ultraviolet) rays are affecting your skin 365 days a year, whether it’s cloudy, foggy or rainy. The American Academy of Dermatology says that 80% of UV rays penetrate our skin even on cloudy days. We also have to take into consideration the air quality. Even those of us along the coast can be affected by harsh air pollution and environmental toxins especially during the current fire season. All of these elements can take a huge toll on your skin. If you want healthy and age defying skin, you have to incorporate a healthy lifestyle and excellent skin care routine.

So, what products will give us the necessary UV protection, has antioxidants, can be worn alone or under makeup, is easy to apply and reapply anywhere, anytime, is gentle enough for sensitive skin and is non-greasy (which is important when holding a tennis racket or a wine glass)? We’re wellness-minded modern individuals who seek superior multi-functional products. Do you think that’s too much to ask for? Colorescience to the rescue…your skin’s rescue! Colorescience is a beauty brand with a commitment for using 100% healthy ingredients in their formulations. An all-in-one luxury beauty brand that brings together skin protection, nourishment, and superior color. Colorescience products are free from harsh chemicals, dyes, talc, alcohol, mineral oil and fragrance. The result is Sunforgettable mineral sunscreens, a line that infused sun protection with makeup and skincare. They figured it out and we all can benefit from this revolutionary new line of products. Some of the top skin care bloggers in Women’s Health Magazine have written about their obsession with Colorescience’s Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush. Also available and just as luxurious is Colorescience’s Whipped Mineral Sunscreen which is water resistant up to forty minutes! Both products are available in SPF30 and SPF50 with UVA/UVB mineral protection and coverage that doesn’t feel heavy or ‘caked on’.Screenshot 2016-08-04 21.47.37Screenshot 2016-08-04 21.46.36Allure badge

All-in-One Magic

How can products this light and easy to apply be strong enough to defend against environmental aggressors?  Formulated with highly micronized 100% zinc and titanium, there’s no compromising on protection. And soft-finish primers are infused with antioxidants to fight free-radical damage that causes aging. These natural sunscreens from the earth help neutralize the damage to your skin with physical protection (versus chemical- a especially beneficial for sensitive skins). They come in universal tints that even out most skin types, gliding across your skin in either a light dusting powder or in an airy whipped cream formula. You can wear them under your regular foundation or alone. Colorescience has also formulated a “layering ptotocol” of various products to provide the best coverage and protection at the same time.


At A French Touch Salon, we have a reputation for providing elite skincare so, it makes sense that we offer skin care products that meet the same high standards. We want to share with you all the benefits that Colorescience Sunforgettable products offer and through September 2016, receive 20% off the Daily Protectant SPF30 Tinted Whipped Sunscreen and Medium SPF50 Mineral Brush, as well as a FREE introductory mini-brush with your purchase of EVEN-UP 3-in-1 clinical protector.

A bientot!

Jan Marini Summer Mango Exfoliator


It’s Summertime and the hottest new flavor of the season is Mango. Everyone is featuring this fresh, tropical scent in their products and it’s trending in health and beauty blogs all over the world. Leave it to Jan Marini to come up with the most delicious Mango scent that leaves the skin looking radiantly gorgeous!

The Jan Marini Summer Mango Exfoliator is a clinical-strength resurfacer that immediately refines skin texture and follicle size and leaves the skin with a radiant, polished glow. This scrub uses glycolic acid and enzymes to rejuvenate and freshen the skin while eliminating harsh abrasives.

The combination of mechanical exfoliation  and potent antioxidants creates a soft-focus afterglow and a supple texture to the skin which makes it a wonderful product for any skin regimen whether you have oily, dry, or aging skin.

And if you need another reason to Go Mango- remember we’re offering 20% OFF all Jan Marini Skin Research products this month only!



Rejuvenate C-Esta Special

The antioxidant properties of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and its role in collagen synthesis make vitamin C a vital molecule for skin health. Dietary and topicalascorbic acid have beneficial effects on skin cells, and some studies have shown that vitamin C may help prevent and treat ultraviolet (UV)-induced damage.

This is not the only innovation by Jan–you’ve heard us brag about the C-Esta line enough to know that. C-Esta products utilize the power of Vitamin C and Jan Marini Skin Research was the first to introduce Vitamin C with a neurotransmitter factor into the skin care market.

“Liquid gold”- how many of my clients refer to Jan Marini’s amazing C-Esta Serum as it fights free radical damage and adds brilliance to the skin while firming slackening tissue. For the entire month of July receive a free C-Esta Gel Cleanser ($33 value), Serum, and SPF 45 ($184) now ONLY $135

C-ESTA products are  non-comedogenic, powerful antioxidant formulas that will show quick improvements in the skin’s surface by appearing smoother, firmer and tighter.  Your skin will look more even-toned and younger while protected by the sun’s harsh rays when using these products.

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